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Ashley McFarland

& Romero Dunn

No need to stress and budget for lump-sum payments for that most important of days.  Pay a deposit and stretch your fees over 4 months so you will have one less thing to worry about.

Total Costs = $2200

Package Includes:

*Bride & Groom Wedding Day Preparation Photos

*Photos of the Rings, Bouquet, Dress, Tux and alike (as / if those are made available)

*Ceremony Photos

*Post Ceremony Bridal Party & Family Photos

*Random Ceremony & Reception

*Photos of the Venue (Inside and Out)

*Photos of everyone involved in the wedding / reception

*Photos of the Reception Venue

*Photos of Traditional Events (Cutting the cake...  Etc...)

*Video of Speeches, Toasts, and Events at the Reception

*Video of the first dance, Bouquet Toss & Garter

*Video / Photos of Reception Dancing

*Special Messages to the Bride and Groom (Voice / Video)

*One 13x19 Photo Enlargements of the Bride

*One 13x19 Photo Enlargements of the Groom

*One 13x19 Photos of the Bride & Groom

Special shots of the Bride and Groom (as time permits) will be taken on the day of the wedding, at the reception and either the period between the ceremony and the reception or after the reception.  These can also be taken the next day or after the honeymoon if time does not allow for them on the wedding day.


Please have the Wedding Planner contact me so that I can interview her for information concerning the events of the day and ensure the best photography angles to capture the moments in beautiful ways.

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