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Please Note:  If you pay for a shoot with a certain number of photos (For example:  30 or 25) and we take 100 photos  (where you fall in love with all 100, YOU MUST REMEMBER THAT YOU ONLY PAID FOR A MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SHOTS, WE ARE ONLY OBLIGATED TO SATISFY THE TERMS OF YOUR PURCHASE.  We do understand that you may "Fall in Love" with every photo, but ask that you do not confuse our policy as a malicious intent to not give you items you may feel that you deserve.  Any photos given to you over the maximum requirement would be a courtesy, OR YOU CAN GUARANTEE RECEIPT OF ALL PHOTOS OVER THE LIMIT AT A COST OF $15 / PER PHOTO...  As long as the photographer agrees that the quality of the photo (or photos) will not misrepresent his expected level of minimum quality or of such quality that they may have a negative influence or may result in consequences towards his reputation.  To be clear, Photos that do not meet the photographer's expectation of quality will not be included in your total number of purchases photos.  This is listed on with our policies at the bottom of the Appointment Page. Some exceptions are made (to exceed the number of purchased photos) for clients who have demonstrated continued support of our organization by a history of multiple or repeat transactions or by bringing more business to our organization (meaning...  their client-referrals have resulted in the purchase products or services).

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