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The cost of the individual service is $15 per session for three sessions weekly.  Sessions must be paid in advance for each month.  You will receive personalized methods to reach your weight goals and to improve your diet and overall health.  You Must sign a six-month agreement of these services and not deviate from the plan you are provided.  Positive results towards your goals are gauranteed.  Trust and the honor system is essential to your success.  You will need to obtain medical documentation that you have no health limitations that may result in potential injury.  We will track your weight, cholesterol level, blood pressure and heart rate trends over a period of time.  You must allow for your card to be charged monthly for a 6-month period and agree to committ to the instruction provided.  Sessions can be done by video streaming platforms without being at the same location if necessary or so deemed by the fitness instructor.  You will receive one free month of service if you get a friend or family member to sign up for this service.  Committments are always easier when you have someone in the struggle with you.  LET'S GET STARTED ON YOUR HEALTH IMPROVEMENT!!!!!

Fitness and Diet Training

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