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By choosing to download or view these images, you (the model, Laquecia Phillips) agree to the following terms of the photographer (Randall Yates):


1.  These photos are for your eyes only and they will be protected from accidental or purpousful view by anyone else.


2.  These photos are not to be shared on any form of social media, included in any form of digital (or manual communication) where as they can be sent to, viewed by or observed by anyone other than you.


3.  You understand that copyright of photos is retained by the photographer as no payment has been provided to change the status of the ownership to "Work for Hire" and transfer the copyright to you, the model.


4.  You understand that any photos used to adjust both camera settings, lighting and posing to maximize the best determination of photo composition are rehearsal shots for the photographer to reach a point of being able to make the professional photographs intended for use.  The copyright for these photos belongs to the photographer.


5.  You understand and agree that the photographer, Randall Yates, will never again agree to release any image that could potentially damage his reputation (both now or in the future).  Any such request made in the future will automatically terminate your ability to use him as a photographer, photographer consultant or any other form of photography or any method or business that could potentially benefit you from his advise or expertise in matters of photography.


6.  You understand that if you pay for the photography service, the copyright of all photos belongs to you.  You also understand that the payment transaction for any specific photoshoot must be an agreed upon (contractual) form of transaction that specifies and defines the photoshoot in question.  The model, Laquecia Phillips, is free to pay for the service and make the photoshoot a "Work for Hire" obligation for the photographer to deliver all final products of the defined service to the model.


7.  The model also agrees that this is an absolute non disclosure agreement concerning these photos and any violation would be seen as an attempt to discredit his reputation as a photographer.  The model agrees to pay a fine of $2000 and any legal fees paid by the photographer for a civil suit conerning the deformation of the photographer's character.


This is binding, absolute and unchangable.  You are reminded that your continuance in the completion of this transaction will is defined by this contract that you agree 100% (one hundred percent) with all of the contents here in written and associated with the legal limitations and restraints of a absolute non disclosure agreement.


Lastly, you agree that the website host, Wix, offers this method for the photographer to deliver Zip (or compressed) files by way of download from his Wix website (Custom Photo Music and Video, or CPMV link for both customers (meaning defined transaction of both service and compensation was determined for a specific service with specific outcomes or products to be provided by teh photographer after payment from the model has been paid in full) and non customers (defined as services provided by the photographer without a defined and specified transaction and where the photographer, Randall Yates, retains ownership and copyright for the final end products, outcomes or services).  No positive form of compensation (for example, but not limited to, a price) was ever determined and is so listed a $0.00 (but only necessary for the delivery of the zip file / compressed file of photos owned by photographer (with absolute protection of copyright law) to the model, Laquecia Phillips.  The model agrees that this is neither compensation for the photos or purchase of the copyright (by any means) from the photographer and understands that this is the form used for her to received the photos categorized as unable to be used by the photographer.


This is a binding agreement that shall not end.  Termination of this agreement can only be made by the written and signed consent of the photographer in the presence of a Notary Public or by payment in full from the model (at the full price of $150 for the photoshoot plus the $25 charge for watermark removal for a total of $175) with a defined agreement that the payment is specified to the photos taken during the photoshoot where and when these unusable photos were created.  Date, Time, Camera Settings, and more details are retained on the photo data inclusions as well as photo / video proof of the location that can be provided.


A fee of $1.00 is added, not as a fee for the service of the photoshoot, but as a charge to find the photos requested and build the necessary web avenues for you to be able to download these particular photos requested).

Laquecia Phillips (Unusable Shots)

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