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Note:  This is non-refundable.  Additional fees are associated and must be selected at the time of purchase for this service:  


Rental Charge:  $210 (Non-Refundable)

Delivery / Pick up Charge: $100 (Non-Refundable)

Security / Damage Deposit:  $400 -- (Refundable if no damage or spills have occured to the item)


Total Mandatory Non-Refundable Charges:  $310

Total Mandatory Refundable Charges Pending no damages:  $400


An Rental Agreement must be signed (online or in person) prior to the use of this item


Security / Damage Deposit will only be refunded after careful inspection of the item.  Video footage will be obtained to ensure the status and quality of the Throne Chair at the time of delivery.  Video footage will be taken at time of pick up.  A second physical inspection will also occur at the time of pick up.  Allow 48-96 hours after owner pick up of the item for refund of the deposit.


Rent This Throne Chair for $310 (Includes Delivery Fees & $400 Towards Deposit)

  • I agree not to allow anyone wearing clothing with studs or objects that could potentially damage the fabric, materials or cause damage to the Throne Chair.  I agree not to allow standing, rocking or dance-like rocking in the chair.  I agree to ensure that the chair will be returned to the owner in the exact same condition it was in at the time of it's delivery.  I agree not to compromise the chair with makeup, paint, placement next to extreme temperature or placement in an area where it can be subject to spills or wasted food and drink items.  I agree not to exceed the 220 pound weight limit of the chair or allow anyone to lean on or rest their weight on the chair.  I agree not to allow shoes or anyone to prop their feet (bear or covered foot/feet) on the surfaces of the Throne Chair.  I agree not to put or allow shoes on the seated portion of the chair.  I agree to pay the full price of the Throne Chair if the chair is damaged in any way or altered in any way so as to decrease the value of the Throne Chair while in your posession.  I agree to the security deposit and understand that damages that exceed that amount of repair or replacement of the Throne Chair I may incur additional fees associated with repairs or replacement.  I understand that purchase for this service will serve as my signature and agreement to comply with the policies, agreements and expectations of the Throne Chair Owner.  I understand that damages to the Throne Chair may result in the loss of my security deposit and to return the Throne Chair in the same condition it was in at the time I received it.

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