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Product Photo Courtesy of Terje Sollie

NOTE:  PAYMENT PLANS CAN BE ARRANGED, but must be paid in full 30-60 days before the wedding event.  The minimum monthly payment will be based on your income and the amount of time before the wedding event.


YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO CAPTURE YOUR WEDDING DAY MOMENTS.  With that being said, do not simply base your choice for your photographer / videographer on the fact that you "Know" someone or because they may be a member of, or like, family to you.  The quality of the photography will stand (Good or Bad) for a lifetime (or longer).  We can adjust our plan to your budget, but we highly recommend that you consider our high-quality of service over settling for a products that may not meed your standard of expectation.  We offer a 1-hour presentation (at a cost of $60...  included in your package pricing should you use our services) for you to learn the differences between low and high quality photography (and how to recognize beginner / novice, amateur, semi-professional and high quality professional photography).  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CLASS.  


Wedding photography may fee may be increased, or decreased, depending on the complexity of the photography requirement.  This can include (but not required) a combination of photography and videography.


Depending on your choice of service...  Pricing can Include:


Pre-Ceremony events (such as fitting for gown / tuxedo), rehearsal dinner, voice-over of messages to bride / groom (optional and included if video is included), wedding day location, wedding party preparation, photos of guests, photos of the venue, photos of the reception, photos of wedding events, video footage (optional), post-ceremony photos of the married couple (alone, with family, with the wedding party and alike)...  photos of reception events, reception venue, wedding and reception venue decor, Three 13" x 19" enlargements of the bride and groom (one photo together and one of each individual), individual photos of the wedding party and significant or important individuals / groups as mentioned by the bride and groom...  photos of the bridal gown, bridal shoes, rings, tuxedo, gifts, bride and groom pre-wedding day prayer or intimate candid moments...  photos of food at the reception, reception traditions (cutting the cake, first dance, bouquet and garter toss, toasts, blended family important rituals, arial footage (optional and included with video option) and more.  Additional options are available and may be considered for addition to the current pricing or require an additional fee (depending on the service requested).  Weddings requiring travel for the photographer.  Depending on the distance, a $200 Travel within reasonable distance may be included / added.  

NOTE:  We require a meeting to discuss your service(s).  Have dates, Venue, Preparation and. Appointment Dates available.  Time for specialty wedding shots can be immediately after the ceremony (or during the reception).  If time is is a factor in venue rental pricing, Specialty wedding (most importantly...  Bride and Groom timelessly sentimental photos can be the day after the wedding (or a time of convenience for the couple and the photographer).


For more questions or special requests, call me at 901-455-5766

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